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Drake And Future's New Song "Desires" Hits The Internet [Audio]

The collaboration between Hip Hop artists Drake and Future continues. This time around with an unannounced song titled “Desires”.

Appearing on the official OVO SoundCloud on Friday January 31st, the song is titled “Desires”. Although at the time there was no official announcement, Drake would later confirm the leaked song with a post on Instagram.

Billboard’s artist of the decade on his official Instagram posted the cover and a link to the song featuring Future.

Drake And Future's New Song titled Desires Hits The Internet [Audio]

“I should have put you somewhere where no one could find you / Mansion / out in the sticks with nothin’ around you / Katy, Texas, Dallas, Texas, you / know a different environment (Ayy) / ‘Cause you got desires, I know, I know, / I know (Hey) / ‘Cause you got desires, I know, I know, I know (Hey) / ‘Cause you got desires,” Drake’s hook on Desires.

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Drake and Future are coming off their recent release for the song “Life Is Good“. The single debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has over 73 million views on YouTube.

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