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Dr. Oz On Tupac’s Autopsy: The Whole Thing Is Rather Strange (Video)

Till this day, twenty plus years later, Tupac Shakur remains a topic for discussion. New up and coming artists find themselves in the news, good or bad, when mentioning Tupac.

Some go as far as calling themselves the “new Tupac”, such as DaBaby most recently. Other’s continue to discuss Tupac’s murder case along with Biggie’s murder case. Many trying to connect the dots, if any. While other’s still can’t believe there has been no arrests, for the two murder cases.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to Tupac, there was and still is controversy. This is still true about his passing, where many still believe that Tupac faked his death.

DR. Oz On Tupac's Autopsy: The Whole Thing Is Rather Strange (Video)

On an special episode on the Dr. Oz show, reporter Michael Yo and forensic criminologist Laura Pettler, discussed the unsolved murders of both Tupac and Biggie. During the episode, Dr.Oz looks into the two fatal nights on this special segment titled ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’. Most notably was the mystery behind the Tupac autopsy.

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When it came to Tupac’s case, Dr. Oz couldn’t look into things as far as he would have liked. Why? Well. because his team could not obtain an autopsy. “When it comes to Tupac no autopsy has been released. I’ll say it again, there is no autopsy for us to look at. My team tried to obtain it, we couldn’t,” explains Dr. Oz.

“To me I gotta say, it’s sorta strange, he died six days after gunshot wounds. Usually, you shot, you stop the bleeding, and then that’s it. In his case, I’m being told, indirectly, he bled but later. So, the whole thing is a bit strange.”

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Biggie’s autopsy on the other hand is available. Biggie‘s autopsy files consist of various images showing the gunshot wounds. Biggie died within an hour after being shot on March 9th 1997. After leaving an after party hosted by Vibe Magazine and Qwest Records, he would be shot in his SUV.


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