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Dr. Dre Says 2Pac’s Finger Was Shot Off In Vegas

Interviewed by The Art Of Dialogue, Nanci Fletcher reveals how Dr. Dre stated 2pac’s finger was shot off after being shot in Vegas.

Nanci Fletcher sung for many artists on Death Row records such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Wareen G, and of course Tupac Shakur. Nanci would appear on “Can’t See Me” which was on 2pac’s “All Eyez on Me” album.

Nanci was at one time also signed as an artist to Dr. Dre. Till this day Nanci and Dre remain in contact, and continue to have a good friendship.

Dr. Dre Says 2Pac's Finger Was Shot Off In Vegas

According to Nanci Fletcher Dr. Dre visited Pac at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I know Dre called me and told me that he went to visit him in the hospital, and he gave me a little info, not a lot.”

Not wanting to reveal too much of Dr. Dre told her about visiting 2pac at the hospital, Nanci states she rather have Dre tell the full story one day. “He’s probably gonna tell the story one day. So, I’ll leave that for Dre to tell it again.”

Nanci recalls Dr. Dre feeling very sad when 2pac passed away after spending six days in the hospital. Many had hoped 2pac would survive. (Related news: Kendrick Well’s Was Told Tupac Was Awake In The Vegas Hospital)

Even though 2pac and Dr. Dre did have a fallout towards the end of 2pac’s life, the two were able to produce classic songs together. Dr. Dre worked on 2pac’s “Can’t See Me”, and was featured on “California Love” which was a huge success for 2pac.

Nanci Fletcher talks about how Dr. Dre Says 2Pac's Finger Was Shot Off In Vegas
Nanci Fletcher

“Dre was really sad. I remember that. He was really sad about it”, recalls Nanci Fletcher. “He said that he went to the hospital, and one of Pac’s fingers was shot off, or something like that.”

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Years later many still believe 2pac faked his own death. In fact a new movie is in the works titled “2pac The Great Escape From UMC”. Film maker Rick Boss, explores the possibility of 2pac escaping from the University Medical Center and relocating to New Mexico. For more on this story read: Tupac Alive? New Movie “2Pac The Great Escape From UMC” Says Yes!

But for Nanci she isn’t buying it. According to Nanci, Shakur’s condition at the hospital was to severe, as she remembers from Dr. Dre’s point of view. Listen to the Nanci Fletcher below.


  1. Can’t we accept that he past away and let the brother rest in peace come on good people it has been a long time since we waited he is not coming back.

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