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Celebrating Google Chrome’s 10 year anniversary

Google has released the all new design for Google Chrome. In a tweet sent out today by Google Chrome, Google ask us to pick a screen, any screen.

The new design web browser can be downloaded here at this link. The most notable thing about the new Google Chrome browser is its now rounded shapes and tabs.

This past Saturday, September 1st marked the 10 year anniversary of the Google Chrome web browser. In case you forgot, Google Chrome made sure we all remembered with a tweet. The tweet indicated will we receive a surprise today, Tuesday September 4 in part of the 10 year anniversary.

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Google emphasizes four new aspects of the new Chrome: Faster, smarter, safer and versatile. Let’s break down each one of those key factors that make the new Chrome browser.

Download New Google Chrome 2018
Google Chrome

Google claims whatever it is you will get it all done faster with Google Chrome. Memory usage and responsiveness is always a top priority for Chrome and with this new design its quite evident. Google Chrome will allow you to have many tabs open at once with lagging.

Google Chrome which is equipped with Google Search now shows you answer without having to open a new tab. This feature also searches your Google Drive. Everyday information such as weather, events, news and more is now more accessible faster than ever.

Google stands by its claim that Chrome is the world’s most secure browser. Technology such as site isolation, sandboxing and predictive phishing protection all help you to stay safe from any security threats.

Chrome can work on any device and on any operating system. Chrome is highly customizable with themes and adding extensions that help make your every day web browsing that much easier. Syncing Campbellites are done seamlessly throughout your devices from laptop to mobile. Casting Google Chrome on to a big screen is also possible.


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