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Download Edge, Microsoft's Latest Browser For Windows And MacOS

Microsoft has released their latest and improved browser that is based on the same engine that power’s the Google Chrome browser. It is also quiet simple to download Edge and install the browser.

Before you begin, it is important to mention that the latest version of Microsoft Edge is no longer powered by Microsoft’s own browser engine. This new and improved Edge browser runs via the same engine as Google Chrome and it is based off of Chromium.

Download Edge, Microsoft's Latest Browser For Windows And MacOS
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Chromium is an open source project that has a lot in common with Google’s Chrome browser. As a result Edge can now handle Chrome extensions on Windows 10 and MacOS.

Download Edge and install with these simple steps

  • Next select Download, and then Accept and download on the next screen. Next you can tap on Close.
  • In most cases the installation will automatically launch. In the event that it does not, head over to the Downloads folder and open the installer file.

What happens after you download and install Edge?

  • After installation is complete, Edge starts up automatically. If you already have Google Chrome installed on your computer no need to worry. Edge will ask if you would like to import your auto fill data, history, and bookmarks.
  • The next steps allows you to select the “theme” of the browser. You can choose from Inspirational, Informational or focused. Click Next to proceed.
  • If you would like to sync all your devices that are now running the new Edge, you can do so here. Choose Yes or No and click Next.
  • The final step allows you to have Microsoft personalize your browsing experience.

Explore Edge extensions

Now it is time for the fun part. To take full advantage of the new Edge browser you will need to allow Edge to access the Chrome Web Store.

  1. In the right-hand corner, tap the three-dot menu and select Extensions.
  2. Next if you look towards the bottom-left corner, toggle on Allow extensions from other stores and then tap Allow.
  3. You will be able to search for an extension via the Chrome Web Store.
  4. When you found the extension you want, click on Add to Chrome and then select Add Extensions.

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