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Donald Faison Talks Tupac, Says Daryl Mitchell Was Originally Bishop

Speaking with Sway In The Morning, Donald Faison talked about his small role in the movie Juice, plus working with Tupac Shakur.

Donald who is well known for his starring role in the movie ‘Clueless’ actually got his first start in the movie ‘Juice’. “Juice was my first movie. I’m at the locker with Omar Epps, where he talks about how he wanted to kick my ass after school,” says Donald Faison.

“This was before ‘Pac was, ‘Pac! I remember after the movie, I think it premiered at Lowe’s, downtown on 44th street. Remember that theater, it’s a play house now. They do plays there now. The movie ended and I remember everybody just being blown away with ‘Pac’s performance in the movie,” explained Donald.

When describing what it was like to be around Tupac, many talk about his presence. Donald couldn’t agree anymore, “And he walked around in the corner, and I never seen, it was like he had a glow about him and everything. When he walked around the corner everybody was like, “ohh sh*t. He’s outta here. He’s gonna be amazing. And this was before I knew he was a rapper or anything like that.”

Donald Faison Talks About The Movie Juice And Tupac
Omar Epps & Tupac Shakur, Juice

At the time Donald, know Tupac the actor. “I just really thought he was a really good actor. He killed that role, you know what I mean. And I remember when we auditioned. Like I auditioned for Steele in that movie. And it was me, Omar, um remember, well all you remember, Chill (Daryl Mitchell) from Groove B. Chill. He was up for the ‘Pac role and everything like that. Jermaine was there. And Ernest Dickerson who directed the movie, he had us all hang out together for like a day. And wwe all had to audition for the role in front of each other too, which was real crazy.”

Ernest Dickerson would make sure the chemistry in real life between the actors would also translate onto the screen with the characters. “He would pair us, and he kept mixing and matching us, but ‘Pac wasn’t there. So, I thought Darryl, Chill, got the role. I was like oh he gon get this role, he killing it. And then ‘Pac got the role and I was like I don’t know who this is.”


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