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Does Your Computer Have Windows 7? Then You Need To Read This

For anyone who has ever used a PC which had or still has Windows 7, today is a day of mourning. Microsoft has announced that starting January 14, they will no longer support or update one of the companies most popular OS.

What does this mean for the millions of computers that are still running Windows 7. Compared to Windows 10, Windows 7 is a favorable pick for most basic PC users. Not many are willing to shed out hundreds of dollars for a new PC that supports the new Windows 10.

Although Microsoft offered free upgrades to Windows 10, many consumers were left with computers that became much slower because their PC’s weren’t fast enough for the new operating system. Others were hesitant about the upgrade, and did not upgrade.

Does Your Computer Have Windows 7? Then You Need To Read This

It’s not just home users that are affected with the announcement that Windows 7 will longer receive support anymore. Business and educational owners will have to make tough decisions. Decisions that will affect their wallets.

Should I update Windows 7?

You may think to yourself, “Big deal. I do not need any updates for my computer.” Which is true you do not necessarily need it, but when you are connected to the internet you are putting your computer at risk.

Reasons why you should care about Windows 7 no longer receiving updates:

  • You’re computer will be left to security vulnerabilities.
  • Start planning to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or purchase a new computer with Windows 10. Lets Microsoft help you make that decision by clicking the link here.

What will happen to business and educational users of Windows 7?

Businesses and education Windows 7 users will be able to pay for extended security updates. This option will cost, but perhaps short term the option that many will consider. Many businesses will have to consider if is worth it to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 or continue paying for extended Windows 7 support.

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If the decision is to continue with Windows 7, this is how the cost will add up for that business.

  • Approximately $25 for every device
  • $50 for every device in 2021
  • $100 for every device in 2022

If you are a Windows 7 Pro user, it will cost a lot more to hold on to you’re beloved operating system.

  • Approximately $50 for every device
  • $100 for every device in 2021
  • $200 for every device in 2022

Time to buy a new computer

Face it, the attachment you may feel to your computer could just be the fact that you do not know where to start when looking for a new computer. Now is the time to find a computer that fits your needs, and doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some computers worth looking at for your everyday basic use:



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