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DJ Target Talks About The Popularity Of UK Hip Hop

UK hip hop personality DJ Target says artists, parents and media outlets collectively have responsibility in protecting children from inappropriate lyrics.

Appearing on BBC’s children’s news program, Newsround, London-born DJ, DJ Target speaks about responsibly when dealing with offensive lyrics. Newsround, established in 1972 and was one of the world’s first television news programs aimed at children. With UK hip hop witnessing a surge in popularity, Newsround are looking into the success of the genre.

Dj Target
DJ Target wiuth UK hip hop star Giggs

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The Key To UK Hip Hop’s Boom According To DJ Target

DJ Target can speak from experience, witnessing the growth of UK hip hop first hand. Starting on pirate radio, he’s been in the music scene for years, going back to the start of Grime. He now hosts his own radio show on BBC Radio 1xtra and is widely respected. Over the years, the genre has advanced, so has technology and DJ Target considers this revolutionary in music worldwide. “You can upload a video directly to YouTube and connect to new fans and new audiences” Target explained.

For many, hip hop allows expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts, be it positive or negative. When asked by presenter Kaide about whether some lyrics are too mature, DJ Target puts responsibility onto the artist. He says that they should consider their younger audience when recording.

dj target
DJ Target with Newsround host Kaide

However, the popular DJ touches on the rawness of hip hop and how censorship of artists is bad. “We don’t have to censor artists, you know it’s freedom of speech, we want people to be able to express themselves.”

The 1Xtra DJ also praised the UK scene with success on a global stage saying, “we’re seeing so much success in the UK. I think that’s had a lot to do with the changing perception of young black people and black creatives. We’re in a place now that we’ve never been in before and it’s amazing to see the breadth of talent being heard and getting the accolades they deserve.”


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