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Dish Nation Host Heidi Hamilton Believes Tupac Is Alive

The world’s most prolific iconic superstar, the rap legend ever to have existed on our time, Tupac Amaru Shakur was reportedly sighted in Cuba and Africa ever since his death in September 13, 1996. We now can perhaps add Haiti to the list.

On a recent episode of the Dish Nation show, host Heidi Hamilton confidently ruminate that Tupac is alive. He’s living on an Island somewhere in Haiti. She further said that, Tupac did so in other to walk away from all the troubles around him but he’s alive and in good health.

tupac bmw, Dish Nation Host Heidi Hamilton Believes Tupac Is Alive
Last photo of Tupac In vegas

Those on the panel for the Dish Nation show had mixed reactions to Heidi’s beliefs. Some agree, and feel he is in Haiti, while others believe the autopsy photo is real. “There was no Photoshop in the nineties.” Even though, Photo Shop did exist in the nineties. In fact it was first released in 1990.

Throughout the years many have contribute to the alive theories. Whether it was those who knew him personally, or those who felt something just wasn’t right.

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Reasons to believe?

Suge Knight, in 2017, added to the alive theories. Fox along with Ice T and Soledad O’ Brien explored the unsolved murders of Tupac and Biggie. The two hour special had various interviews with the likes of Lil Cease, EDI Mean, Funk Master Flex and more. One particular interview had the world buzzing again. As Ice-T and Soledad interviewed Knight over the phone while Knight in prison. Suge Knight gave us a chilling statement when responding to question if Pac is alive, “With pac you never know.”

Keysiah Cole, who meet Tupac at an early age, before her career took off, recalls her last conversation with him. During an interview with Steve Harvey, Keyshia Cole reflects on the last time she spoke with Tupac. Although Keyshia never says she felt Tupac was alive, but his last words to her felt like he knew he wouldn’t be around anymore. “It seemed like he was talking like he knew he wasn’t going to make it,” Keyshia explains to Steve.

Tupac himself isn’t quite innocent when it comes to the theories. Throughout many of his songs, Tupac is responsible for giving people hope that he was able to escape.

Tupac’s posthumous albums also was filled with chilling lyrics, and at times “hidden” bonus tracks such as the one in the ‘Better Dayz Outro’, “Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back. Expect me, I’m coming,” says Tupac.

Is Tupac really coming back or he’s gone forever? Well, this remains a mystery. Only time will tell.


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