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Diddy’s Mic Was Snatched By Tupac’s Outlawz Member On MTV Stage!

Former member of Tupac’s Outlawz, Napoleon, spoke about the time he snatched the mic out of Diddy’s hands during rehearsal for the MTV Awards.

“We got invited by Treach to come to MTV Awards. They was honoring Biggie and Pac. And, at that particular time Treach had a song dedicated to Pac and Diddy had a song dedicated to Biggie,” Napoleon explained during his interview with VLAD TV.

Steve Lobel at the time managed the Outlawz. Lobel who has worked with Fat Joe and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, was attempting to help the Outlawz in shaking off their “Outlaw” image within the music industry.

Puff Daddy aka Diddy, Biggie Smalls (Jim Smeal/WireImage)
Puff Daddy aka Diddy, Biggie Smalls (Jim Smeal/WireImage)

Years removed from the beef that resulted in the tragic lost of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, Napoleon found himself still unable to move forward. “I was still in that mindset back then like I can’t do it.”

Napoleon, along with the Outlawz and Tupac Shakur were at one point heated rivals to Diddy, Biggie Smalls, and Bad Boy Records. Tupac accused Biggie Smalls for his 1994 shooting in New York. Claiming the Brooklyn artist should have warned him of the danger Shakur was to face. Tensions increased when Tupac was released from prison and signed with Suge Knight and Death Row records.

Encouraged by his fellow Outlawz member to have a change of heart for the betterment of their careers, Napoleon agreed, but had plans of his own.

Napoleon plan was to snatch the mic from Diddy live on TV. Unfortunately the moment never was aired on Television due to the fact that Napoloeon had been drinking and could not differentiate between rehearsal and live TV. “In rehearsal I’m already drinking and drunk. So, in rehearsal I’m seeing lights flashing, and I can’t differentiate between rehearsal to a live Television. So, while he [Diddy] had the mic, I still snatched it from him.”

Diddy immediately tried to grab the mic back and a tussle would ensue between the two. Security would escort the Outlawz out of the building. Everyone including Steve Lobel and Treach, who put his name on the line for the Outlawz, were upset with Napoleon.

After the incident, Diddy wanted to speak with Napoleon alone. Although Diddy wasn’t alone, Napoleon still went ahead and met with Diddy. “He [Diddy] was like why you did it. I said, ‘You know why I done it man. Let’s not even go back and forth’.”

Napoleon also shared the mic snatching incident via an expert from his upcoming book ‘Life is ЯAW: The Story of a Reformed Outlaw‘. Narrated by Napoleon and written by author Sulaiman Jenkins, the book dives into the life of Mutah ‘Napoleon’ Beale.

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Another excerpt from my book @lifeisrawoutlaw narrated by myself written by @sulaimanjenkins I couldn’t help myself man. I guess I still had a lot of anger in my chest for Puffy, for Bad Boy Records. Maybe it was me still being angry Pac was gone. Of course alcohol had somethin’ to do with it. I snapped. As he was performing, I said to myself, I’m taking the microphone. So as he’s performing I snatched it out of his hand in the middle of what he was doin’. I’m sure everyone was shocked, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t gonna accept being on the same stage as this dude without doin’ SOMETHING. Puffy immediately tried to take it back from me and we was about to really get into it but security came quick and broke it up. Unfortunately they asked us to leave right after that. Funny thing is I thought I was doin’ the right thing..then I saw nobody was feelin’ what I did…not Naughty by Nature, not Steve, not even the Outlawz (laughs). It was another wake up call for me. In the middle of rehearsals, Napoleon did the unthinkable. What was supposed to be a low-key, commemorative practice session almost descended into an all out brawl between Napoleon and Puffy. As Puffy was engaged in his performance, Napoleon rushed at him, snatched the microphone forcefully and proceeded to walk in the other direction, taking the opportunity to say a few words of his own. Puffy was not thrilled with the unexpected move and went right after Napoleon as he tried to seize back the microphone. Napoleon resisted and waved Puffy’s arm away at which point both squared off, getting ready to escalate things further. Security had already seen everything developing and stepped in immediately to diffuse the situation. Due to Napoleon’s unruly behavior, the Outlawz were asked to leave the building. They were never asked to return.

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