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Diddy Says Drake Is Top 5 Hip Hop Artist Of All Time

Over the years there has been much debate in Hip Hop as to who are the Top 5 artist of all time. For Diddy it is clear as day that Drake is one of them.

The claim would be made when Drake appeared on Diddy’s Instagram Live, where the Hip Hop mogul provided a live dance-a-thon fundraiser. The fundraiser was inspired by healthcare workers who are right there on the front line during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who would like to support these workers during difficult times of the pandemic, can do so by visiting teamlove.com.

Diddy Says Drake Is Top 5 Hip Hop Artist Of All Time

Many high profile celebrities participated on the IG live including Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Lebron James, and Drake.

Making his appearance on the dance-a-thon, Diddy introduces Drake at the king of Toronoto, but also would go on to give high praise to Billboard’s top artist of all time.

“There’s something I wanted to say to you, very very important. I’ve been a study of music, science, art, mathematician. The actual numbers and codes that goes into i,” said Diddy. “So when they talk about the top 5. All of those cats got a special code.”

“Two year ago, three years ago I didn’t know. Its clear the work you put in. You’re in my official top 5,” said Diddy via his IG live.

“Thank you. That means the world to me. Obviously, there is very very few opinions that hold as much weight as yours,” said an appreciative Drake.

“There’s nobody that can tell me that where it means more, cause you’ve seen it all, done it all,” added Drake.

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Drake has become the only artist to have the most number one singles on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart with 15 tracks. This feat for Diddy easily puts Drake in the Top 5, as Diddy repeatedly said the word “Hits” after giving the OVO owner such praise.


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