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Did Tupac Wear A Bulletproof Vest The Night He Was Shot?

Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Daz Dillinger’s ex-girlfriend Kenya Ware reveals why she believes Tupac Shakur wore a vest in Vegas the night he was shot.

Many doubt that Tupac had worn a bulletproof vest while attending the Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Seldon fight on September 7, 1996. Kenya Ware who was there that night in Vegas, also recalls having a conversation about the bulletproof vest with Tupac. More on Tupac’s night in Vegas here.

After the Tyson fight, Tupac would get into an altercation with South Side crip Orlando Anderson. Shortly after Tupac and the Death Row entourage headed back to the hotel, where they all regrouped to then head for Club 662.

Did Tupac Have A Bulletproof Vest The Night He Was Shot?

“I know that moment after Tupac gotten into the fight, he went upstairs to redress, and came downstairs with the jersey on,” explains Kenya Ware. “He stood on the side of my suburban.”

It was at that moment Kenya instantly looked at Tupac and his jersey, realizing Shakur was not wearing a bulletproof vest. “It was obvious that he did not have a bulletproof vest on. It was obvious. There was no speculation.”

Kenya Ware would then ask Tupac Shakur about the vest, “Where is your bulletproof vest on? He stated, ‘I don’t have to wear one now. Its cool’,” said Kenya emphasizing the word “now”. “Now meaning that he was on his way to Club 662. Which is a club exclusively owned by Suge Knight.”

No outsiders or anyone that wasn’t on the “list” was getting into Club 662. For that reason, Kenya believes Tupac felt he did not have to wear the Bulletproof vest anymore.

“If they didn’t know you, you were not getting in there. Woman, they were a little bit more lenient, but he was going to a home party. Where he didn’t have to worry about any outside influence.”

Key word in Tupac’s statement about his bulletproof vest when talking to Kenya Ware, is “now”. Whether you believe her or not, Kenya suggests everyone should believe the words that came out of Tupac’s mouth.

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Despite jumping Orlando Anderson, according to Kenya Ware, Tupac appeared to be relaxed as he was getting ready to attend Club 622. “I’m saying what happened in Vegas. What I seen and the last words he spoke to me, ‘I don’t have to wear one now’. I’m standing by that,” she tells The Art of Dialogue.


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