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Did Trippie Redd Use Tupac To Promote His New Single "Yell Oh"?

Trippie Redd is facing backlash from Tupac fans after sharing a photoshopped picture of himself sitting next to the rapper in the BMW he was shot in.

Trippie Redd decided to recreate the very last photo taken of Tupac Shakur in Vegas, right before he was shot. Removing Suge Knight from the driver seat, Trippie is seen sitting next to Tupac in the edited photo.

trippie redd
Trippie Redd showing his Tupac painted fingernails in 2019

No caption was left by Trippie Redd, which left many to wonder what the reason was for posting the photo.


The original photograph was taken on September 7, 1996, on the Las Vegas strip by Leonard Jefferson. It shows Tupac sitting next to Suge Knight in a black 750 BMW Sedan.

tupac last photo vegas 1996

This photograph would be the very last picture of Tupac alive. As they stopped at a red light, a white Cadillac pulled up to their right and opened fire. With the gunshot wounds sustained, Tupac was left fighting for his life at UMC Las Vegas. Unfortunately, he died six days later at the age of twenty-five.

The very next day, Trippie Redd released his single “Yell Oh” featuring Young Thug. Many wonder if the Tupac edited photo the previous day was a way to create attention in time for the release of “Yell Oh“.

With that being said, many Tupac fans did not take kind to think the post by Trippie Redd. With over 715K likes on Instagram, fans of ‘Pac and Hip Hop in general, voiced their opinions in the comments.

Some of those comments read, “Complete disrespect,” wrote one, while another echoed, “That ain’t it”. One wrote, “Disrespectful,” and another replied, “ik he doesn’t deserve to be sitting next to the [goat].” Others go further, urging Trippie Redd to “do the right thing” and delete the post.

In 2018, the Ohio native came to the defense of Lil Xan when he called Tupac’s music boring. Although he didn’t necessarily agree with Lil Xan, he felt like he should voice his opinion.

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Last year, when asked on Real 92.3 LA who his top five rappers were, Trippie Redd listed Tupac at number one. Furthermore, he posted a photograph to Instagram showing Tupac’s face painted on to two of his fingernails.

We want to know your thoughts. Was Trippie Redd disrespectful by editing the photograph? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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