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Did Mike Tyson Betray His Dear Friend Tupac Shakur?

When we thought of Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur, we have always visualized Tyson entering the ring amped up by a song personally made by Tupac for Mike.

For long, and still Mike Tyson has very kind words when speaking of Tupac, even to the point of choking up when speaking of his late friend. But earlier this year, Mike Tyson perhaps did one “business move” that jeopardize the respect and love from the Tupac community.

Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur
Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur

Mike Tyson and Tupac meet

Tupac and Mike Tyson would first meet each other at a Brooklyn club back in 1991. Since then they connected, and a special bond was built. With so much in common such as: the anger, the hurt, the underdog, and the backlash they faced consistently by the media.


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In 1992, while Mike Tyson was in prison, Tupac would visit Tyson. Speaking on that day, Tyson says he had the prison going crazy. According to Tyson all the other prisoners wanted to take pictures with Tupac.

2Pac and Watani Tyehimba visit Mike Tyson in prison

Tupac’s and Mike Tyson trouble times and time spent in prison, did not allow the friendship to flourish.

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Tupac records Tyson’s fight entrance music

During Tyson’s in-ring career, Tupac created songs just for Tyson when entering the ring. Aside from recording music for Tyson, Tupac would also attend Tyson’s fights. As seen below, Tyson and Tupac, hugging, celebrating the win, right after Tyson enters the backstage area in the MGM Grand in Vegas.

1995, Tupac recorded ‘Ambitionz As A Fighter’ for Tyson. March 1996, Tyson would enter the ring to another Tupac song recorded for him, ‘Wrote The Glory’. Tyson would face Frank Bruno on that night. A fight that Tyson would win via technical knockout, sending Bruno into retirement.

Tyson’s third and final song, personally recorded by Tupac, was echoed in Vegas on September 7, 1996. Tyson would enter the ring to ‘Let’s Get It On’, and he faced Bruce Seldon that night. A night that changed hip hop forever, as Tupac was shot and passed 6 days later.

Mike Tyson emotional when speaking of Tupac

Throughout the years after Tupac’s passing, Tyson has always voiced his thought on Tupac Shakur. Appearing on numerous media outlets for interviews. Interviews that saw Tyson show the upmost respect for his fallen friend, Tupac.

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This was once again on full display when Mike Tyson appeared on Big Boy TV in 2018. When asked about his friendship with Tupac, Tyson became very emotional, especially speaking about the last time he saw ‘Pac. “He was really happy after the fight,” Tyson said after clearing his throat. “He came to the press conference with me and was just talking a bunch of shit. Then, I went home and then he left.”

Big Boy also asked Mike about Tupac’s legacy, in which Iron Mike replies “Every time I go somewhere. It could be Africa, New Zealand, people ask me, “What was Tupac like?”

Tyson Vs. Wack 100

Mike Tyson has always stood up for Tupac. Many have taken shots at Tupac and his legacy for 23 plus years, but for Tupac fans Tyson is one of the few fans felt they could rely on, and one of the few that would defend Tupac’s legacy in a heartbeat.

Wack 100 is one of those who has taken his fair shots at Tupac’s legacy. Although Wack has said publicly he is a fan of Tupac, Wack always seems to find himself in controversy when it comes to Tupac’s legacy.

Earlier this year, Wack 100 would appear on Mike Tyson’s podcast ‘ Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson’. Before the interview was released, Wack 100 and Mike Tyson took to Instagram, where they stated a fight broke out between them when the topic of Tupac came up.

Wack captioned a photo of him and Tyson before the alleged fight, stating, “While posting a photo of Tyson and himself before the interview, Wack goes on to explain the altercation. “Pulled up on 1 of my legends @miketyson to do his podcast. Had a blast shit got warm in the room when Mike wanted to address the #2Pac conversations.”

Wack 100 and Mike Tyson (via @wack100)

Wack 100 continued to give his side of the incident with Mike Tyson via the caption, “Just know this Wack wasn’t giving up shit and Mike still quick with his hands! @edsbritton sorry you had to see what you saw but it’s what brothas do when we can’t solve the problem with reason!!”

Tyson would add on to the alleged fight, via his own Instagram caption from a photo of him and Tupac. “Everybody has a plan ‘til they get punched in the mouth. Ain’t that right @wack100 #tupacthelegend @hotboxinpodcast #hotboxinpodcast”

Clout chasing Tupac’s legacy

There was speculation concerning the alleged fight between Tyson and Wack 100, that possibly it was staged. Especially when the interview was released after it became a hot story, with Instagram “promotion” of the altercation from both sides. Perhaps an attempt to create attention for Tyson’s new podcast, and for Wack 100 to create a buzz for himself to benefit in whatever he had going on at the moment. Bad or good coverage can be a plus to anyone, especially nowadays in the social media era.

Wack 100, although had been heavily criticized for what many saw as negative antics, one can also argue that he is a smart business man. That is quite evident in how he has handled Blueface‘s career. Blueface rise in hip hop is no accident, and is well calculated by Blueface himself, along with the support and experience of Wack 100.

mike tyson wack 100 podcast fight
Courtesy of Wack 100 Instagram

Wack, just like others have took negative shots at Tupac. This is nothing new, nor is it something all Tupac supporters can’t expect to end anytime soon. Tyson, on the hand, using Tupac’s name, in an attempt to possibly generate views for his new podcast, well, that was viewed as an all time low, and a lost in respect from the Tupac community.

Tyson still has love for Tupac

What angered Tupac fans world wide, was the fact that Tyson, would team up with someone who had previously disrespected Tupac’s legacy and its fans. Especially to team up and dare I say sell out for views.

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After the alleged fight with Wack 100, and the hard criticism that Tyson faced, Mike still continues to show love for ‘Pac. Mike Tyson perhaps at the time was influenced by Wack 100, not with any negative intent in mind, but rather from a business mindset. Many might call it a smart business move on Wack 100’s end, but for Mike Tyson, was it worth it? Was it worth it at the expense of his friend Tupac Shakur.


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