Did Lebron James Attend Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service?

Meeting with the media, L.A. Lakers star Lebron James did not deny or confirm if he attended Kobe Bryant’s memorial service at the Staples Center on February 24.

“An emotionally wreck like everyone else. Another challenging day for all of us,” said Lebron James when asked by the media how he spent his day yesterday.

“Its been hard to kinda talk about it. Trying not to go back. Its just tough,” added King James.

Did Lebron James Attend Kobe Bryant's Memorial Service?
Lebron and Kobe (Ronald Martinez/Getty)

When asked if Lebron attended the Kobe Bryant memorial service, Lebron would not give a straight yes or no answer. “I respect your question for sure, its very emotional day. Very tough day for myself, my family, everyone involved.”

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Lebron James instead praised Vanessa Bryant for being so strong while delivering a heartfelt eulogy for GiGi and Kobe. “One thing I can come out and say is how strong, bold, and powerful Vanessa is. To stand up there the way she did. To give the speech the way she did. I commend her. My heart is with her family still.”


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