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Did Booker T Know About CM Punk’s Return To WWE?

Booker T reacts to CM Punk's return to wrestling.

CM Punk recently shocked the wrestling world by appearing at the end of Fox’s WWE Backstage show.


According to Booker T, no he did not know. “I didn’t know what new was cause no one told me what we was going to do new. I didn’t know there was a segment planned or anything like that,” explained Booker T.

PWInsider reported this week that only on air personality that knew about Punk’s return was Renee Young. To ensure CM Punk return wouldn’t leak, only a select few would know about his return, as requested by CM Punk.

CM Punk
CM Punk at The Chicgao International Film Festival

Booker T went into details about CM Punk’s return on ‘The Hall Of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore‘, which airs on Monday and Wednesday via ESPN 97.5 in Houston. “I don’t know what happened,” says Booker T. “I’m serious man. I didn’t see CM Punk all day. I’m being for real. I didn’t know CM Punk was in the building. I didn’t know anything about this.”

CM Punk would enter the WWE Backstage show at the end of a three count by Reene Young who told everyone it’s time for a surprise. Surprise indeed. Booker T explains how it went down, “We getting ready to go off and all of a sudden, we got this surprise for us. We gon do something new as far as what Reene said.”

Is there any beef between CM Punk and Booker T?

“If I saw CM Punk in the streets, I thought It’d be some fire works, or something like that. But then he walked in, everything cooled off. I said he’s at the job, you know what I mean. So, everything is cool,” says a jokingly Booker T.

How does Booker T feel about CM Punk coming back?

Booker T has been very vocal about his feelings towards CM Punk over the years. Including on live WWE television CM Punk has taken shots a Punk especially for the beating he took in his MMA career.

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But this time around, Booker T who will be working with Punk, seems to be looking at things from a business and positive perspective. “It was cool man, it was cool,” says Booker T. “The fans want to see CM Punk out there doing his thing. The Fans want to see him back in the business. His being away from the business for six long years.”

Renee Young and Cm Punk share a photo but How does Booker T feel about CM Punk coming back?
CM Punk and Renee Young after Punk’s return to WWE

“Punk back, man, the internet pretty much blow up. Nothing but positive comments on the show. It let me know that we did a good job as far as keeping people tuned in to the show and then Punk coming out and then making a splash. Boom blowing up, the icing on the cake,” added Booker.

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When asked by co-host Brad Gilmore, if Punk and Booker spoke after the cameras went off the air, Booker answered yes. In fact, they went out for dinner and both ordered the Chilean sea bass with crab fried rice. During the dinner, not too serious was talked about, only small talk according to Booker T. “Small talk you know what I mean. Stuff that’s going on in the MMA, the fighting world. Even stuff that’s going on in the wrestling world but it was just small talk,” explained Booker T.

What’s next for CM Punk and WWE Backstage?

What’s next for CM Punk especially on Tuesday November 19th episode of WWE Backstage will set the tone for the direction in Punk’s return. By the looks of it, CM Punk will be creating must see moments on FS1. “I don’t know what’s going to happen with CM Punk, cause CM Punk is a wild card. We don’t know what he is going to say. Cm Punk could go right off the cuff. He could perhaps want to have a pipe bomb moment, and we have to try to restrain him. Lock him up and take him off the show.”


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