Deva Pink Hairstylist Behind Yung Joc Controversial Blue Hair Style

When Usher debuted a new hairdo New Years Eve 2018, Yung Joc issued a challenge. The “King of Hair & Fleek” challenge. Shortly after Yung Joc broke the internet with his own new look. A pressed look with blue hair coloring.

Although this was in January 2019, not until now have we heard from the woman behind the controversy. Deva Pink, the hairstylist behind the Yung Joc look was recently interviewed on The Dinner Club show. Deva has styled the likes of Keyshia Cole, Kat Graham and Shanique Adams.

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Deva Pink explains the differences between a perm and a relaxer. She also goes on to reveal whether or not Yung Joc’s hairdo was permed. She also explains why Yung Joc colored his hair blue and how that came about. All this and more with Deva Pink on The Dinner Club.



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