Deuce Deuce On Hip Hop In 2020, Outlawz, Mental Health

Hip Hop artist and Toronto native, Deuce Deuce, talks to O4L Online about the influence and impact of Hip Hop in 2020, working with the Outlawz, and the importance of mental health.

Growing up to a single mother who worked two jobs to raise him, his two brothers and sister, Deuce Deuce was unfortunately taken from his mother by children’s aid at the age of seven.

From there on spending his early teen years in group homes and time spent in young offender, the equivalent to juvy, become the norm. Years later, in and out of jail due to his fast money fast life decisions, Deuce Deuce finally had enough. Wishing for a better life for himself, his mother, and loved ones; Deuce Deuce road to Hip Hop stardom has kept him focused and humbled.

Deuce Deuce On Hip Hop In 2020, Outlawz, Mental Health

You are to set to drop another album together with Young Noble ‘Watch The Signs’. What can we expect from this album?

Real music!! Music with meaning. I say it time and time again!! Substance.. So much going on in the world right now to rhyme for the sake of riddling. We speaking on what’s been happening across the globe!!

Being that this is your 5th album with Young Noble, which is your favorite and why?

Favorite? They all my favorite. Every song means something to me. From child hood experiences to my teens to early adulthood to now!! The Sound and connection between Young Noble and myself is forever evolving and growing. Growth.

Speaking of life experiences, I think a song that really showcased your talent and ability to tell a story while pouring your heart out into a song, was with ‘Attempted Suicide’. The single featured Young Noble and Aktual. How important was that song for you?

Man. Very Important.. I had the idea for a very long time. Years. A lot a People have mental illness and are in a constant state of depression and it’s never talked about openly. Especially in the hip hop culture. A lot feel it is a sign of weakness to expose that you’re depressed and feeling weak and at times suicidal.

I happened to be with a young woman from my neighborhood having drinks hanging out kickin’ it. It was a Tuesday. She seemed fine. Didn’t see any signs of depression or anything of the sort. And a couple days later on that Thursday she had committed suicide. It made me really think how serious it is. So Young Noble and I talked about it. And we wrote it. To let people in the world know we care and to not give up. We all feel down and feel like quitting, giving up at times. But, don’t. Keep on going. Keep pushing!! We Love U!! God loves U!!

The road is never Easy!! You can get through it!! We wanted to get that across. Even if we can reach one person. We felt we did what we set out to do!!

A very important message, especially during these times. In what ways mentally do you think the coronavirus pandemic has affected people?

In a lot of ways!! Forms of anxiety, mental, verbal and physical abuse. A lot a homes and families destroyed! Marriages broken up. People having to be around each other round the clock that weren’t used to it before. Having to communicate with each other and actually interact with each other. Kids fell behind in school. Parents losing patience with their children. Having to actually raise them and pay them mind.

Deuce Deuce On Hip Hop In 2020, Outlawz, Mental Health

People lost they livelihoods. Small Businesses etc. Not for all. For some. I’m sure it brought them closer to one another. I believe it put fear in a lot of people as well to not wanna be around other people. Also it reminded all of us that we should be washing our hands regularly. And be more consciously hygienic! We only know what “They” tell Us! At the end a the day, prevention been the best cure so move cautiously!

How have you been able to cope during the pandemic?

I socially distance period (Laughs). Other than that, we had some trips and shows overseas scheduled, so it put a halt to all that. But, you know everything happens for a reason and safety first. Been writing a lot of new music. Staying out the way and staying focused!!

Speaking of music. How do you feel about Hip Hop artists who have stepped up to create music relevant to the times, as the world fights for change and equality? Do you feel it is the responsibility of a Hip Hop artist to do so?

Music is a form of expression. Whatever you feel, record it!! I do believe however as artists, we should use our platform to shed light in the darkness. To speak for those who can’t speak. On things effecting us on a daily. On all levels and aspects. Way to much going on this world to talk about absolutely nothing. We can definitely contribute to the change that is so much needed!!

Tupac’s ‘Changes’ has been played throughout protests all over the world and at one point climbed back on iTunes charts. What comes to mind when you see this?

On one hand it’s sad that over 20 years later we are still going through this. On another note it makes me sit and think how ahead of his time he was and poetic. It gives me goosebumps seeing all those good people reciting and chanting his lyrics. I know he is looking down proud and smiling. It’s a mixed emotion!! To me, that is music. Timeless music. That stood for something. I also think the amount of music he would have been making if he was here today!! The change he would have made!!! Especially with what’s going on in this world today!!

Aside from Tupac who are some of your favorite Hip Hop artists? Growing up and current.

Growing Up. Big daddy Kane, Chuck D, Ice Cube, Ice-T. Now, Young Noble, E.D.I. Mean, and Point Blank. To behonest, I still bump 90s Hip Hop. It’s all I bump. Period

You have been associated with Noble and EDI for some time now. Form touring together and collaborating on countless songs. What has that experience been like for you?

Amazing. Growing up I always listened to the Outlawz and my boys would freestyle and spit at the end of their songs. So to be able to make music and travel and see parts of the world that I would never think about going to, has been a blessing and humbling experience. I’m forever grateful. Those my brothers right there. We Gonna keep it going.

Deuce Deuce On Hip Hop In 2020, Outlawz, Mental Health
Deuce Deuce, E.D.I. Mean, and Young Noble

And, to speak on the topics and make powerful meaningful music that will be forever relevant and timeless is a big blessing!! Real music!! Soul food!!

What advice would you give up-coming artists who were once just like you, trying to make it?

Don’t quit. Be Honest. Don’t ever doubt and second guess what you believe in! Never. One door closes, open another. Keep banging on the door till it opens. Kick it down if you have to. Invest In yourself. Don’t be afraid to take chances and invest in yourself. A lot of artists talk about what they got and how they ball etc and won’t invest their music. whether it be working with established artists, videos, production and whatever else may need be. Period!!

Are you a fan of the Verzuz series? If so, which is your favorite thus far?

Honestly. I haven’t been watching them. Pieces here and there. I do however think it’s amazing for the culture. Battles. Without violence and beefing.

The new collaboration album with Young Noble drops on July 17th. What else can we expect from Deuce Deuce?

I got a joint album with another group called Point Blank out of Toronto. Out neighborhoods were beside each other downtown Toronto. We have known each other 30 plus years. They are well known across Canada. Also got my second solo album in the Works. Young Noble and Myself bout to start album number six. So, I’m not going anywhere for a long min!!


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