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Desiree Smith Talks Tupac’s Close Circle

Desiree Smith Says Tupac Stayed In A Discreet Hotel

YouTube channel The Art Of Dialogue has released the third installment of this exclusive interview with Desiree Smith. Desiree claims that after the incident with Ayanna Jackson, Tupac started staying in hotels under an alias. Desiree says that her and ‘Pac would talk about everything. Tupac at the time told her everything that happened with Ayanna Jackson.

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According to Desiree, Tupac told her that he met Ayanna in Nell’s nightclub. Ayanna came up to him on the dance floor and started to perform oral sex. After that she came to see ‘Pac at the hotel and again performed oral sex on him. Once she had finished, ‘Pac left the room. Desiree believes the only thing Tupac was guilty of the evening of the alleged incident was leaving the room and not making sure she left too.

“He should of took her and escorted her out, that’s what he was guilty of, leaving her in that room. Tupac should of took her and made sure she left because he was done with whatever he was doing with her. Whatever transpired when them doors closed, I don’t know what happened. Something could of happened, but he wasn’t the one doing it”, explains Desiree.

Desiree would go on to explain that Tupac felt very hurt after being accused of rape. She also spoke about ‘Pac keeping his circle of friends small and even went to the extent of staying in a discreet hotel under a completely different name.

“He started staying in this other hotel called The Royalton. Where it was a very discreet hotel. It didn’t even have a name on the door. If you hadn’t been there you wouldn’t really know of it”, says Desiree.


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