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Desiree Smith Talks Tupac Keisha Morris Marriage

Was Tupac Ready For Marriage?

In Part 4, Desiree Smith talks Tupac Keisha Morris marriage with The Art Of Dialogue.

The former girlfriend of the late great rapper reveals that she had met Tupac first before he met Keisha Morris, who ‘Pac would later marry in April 1995. Talking about how ‘Pac and Keisha met, Desiree says, “I believe that during the time that me and him fell out he had met her and they got close. I believe she was someone that he trusted.”

While in prison, Tupac married Keisha Morris on April 29th 1995. Desiree believes that part of the reason why Tupac married Keisha was so he could have conjugal visits in prison. She states that in her opinion Tupac wasn’t ready for marriage.

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In an earlier part of this interview, Desiree talks about the day she and Tupac fell out. The fall out came over an incident with a motorcycle. Tupac had saw Desiree on the back of the bike with another guy and words were exchanged between the two of them. Desiree says she would of been in Keisha’s shoes if the bike incident didn’t happen.

According to Desiree, most of Tupac’s family and friends thought that he had married Desiree instead of Keisha because they knew her.

Desiree says, “Everybody thought he had married me. They didn’t know who she was they never met her. They knew me from being in New York when he was out there. I met all his friends and his family members. They thought Keisha was me!”


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