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Derby49 Drops Hotly Anticipated Single “No Problems”

Louisville Kentucky up-and-coming Hip Hop artist, Derby49, is quickly turning heads, as she releases her latest single “No Problems”.

On her new single, Derby49 tells us about overcoming obstacles in her past life from people not believing in her, and doing what’s best for her. Something that is very relatable in our lives, and for those who have experienced this, well “No Problems” is your anthem!

Derby49, isn’t letting the negativity stop her from taking her rightful place in Hip Hop. The talented artist has her mind focused. “I’m moving and I’m only accepting positive energy. I’m focus on my money, family, swag and my life keeping it SPANKIN HOT 10-4.”

Derby49 Drops Hotly Anticipated Single "No Problems"
Derby49 (Photo by Kieran Finney)

Inspired by artists such as Aaliyah, Selena, Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, and Mary J. Blige, Derby49 musical style and presence is something that should not be over looked in 2020.

With aspirations of also having her own clothing line, Derby49 hopes to have her music heard all around the world. “My goals for 2020 is to have a bigger fan base and for my music to be hard all around the world.”

Although the competitive Hip Hop scene is filled with many aspiring artists, there is still plenty of room. Especially for a talent such as Derby49, who’s captivating sound provides a powerful message.

“What separates me from all the other talented female artists, all artist period in 2020 is my name is Derby49. The Black Pin Up aka Goat (laughs),” she explains to O4L Online. You will just have to watch but I am very versatile so you can expect a lot of different vibes when it comes to my music.”

Visuals for the single “No Problems” is soon to come, while the single is available on all platforms by clicking here.

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