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Death Of Black The Ripper Shocks British Hip Hop Community

British rapper and campaigner Black The Ripper has died unexpectedly, with the cause of death not yet known.


A person close to the emcee confirmed the news to music channel Link Up TV on Monday evening. The London-born rapper, real name Dean West, first found fame as a result of releasing mixtapes such as ‘Afro Samurai’ and ‘Holla Black’.

black the ripper
Black The Ripper at Bulldog 420 in Warrington

Renowned for his self-determination, creative consciousness, and entrepreneurship, Black The Ripper certainly put a marker down in British music. Collaborating with many British Hip Hop artists including, Lowkey and Mic Righteous, he gained respect from both his peers and fans.

Tributes poured in overnight as news of the 32-year-olds death circulated throughout the Hip Hop community and further afield. One of his best friends and former collaborators, Chip, expressed his emotions in an online tribute. He shared a picture with him on Twitter with the caption: ‘RIP my brother’.

In addition to the tweet, Chip added a heartfelt message to Black The Ripper on his Instagram. “Real tears. I never cry. Rest in peace my bro. Forever here for your son. CM DOE 4L and after.”

Another prominent figure in UK Hip Hop reacted to the passing of Black The Ripper. Krept of Krept & Konan wrote: “No way black the ripper. R.I.P man f*****ghell what a horrible year.”

Black The Ripper At Forefront Of British Marijuana Movement

Furthermore, Black The Ripper will certainly be remembered for his campaign to legalize marijuana in the UK. His passion to spread awareness of the benefits of the Class-B drug spoke volumes. In 2017, he shared a picture of himself stood outside the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, holding a marijuana plant in each hand.

Black The Ripper also had his own brand called Dank Of England. The brand included products promoting the legalization of marijuana in the form of clothing and accessories.

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Previously, Black The Ripper spoke to Vice about his views and campaign for the legalization of marijuana. He couldn’t understand how something natural was prohibited but other drugs such as alcohol were celebrated and readily available. “In my head, it’s so legit that I don’t realize it’s a Class B. Imagine that. They’re in the stone age saying it’s a F*****g Class B. But, then alcohol and cigarettes you can go and buy and get f****d up.”


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