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Dax Releases One Take Remix Version of Eminem's Godzilla

Canadian rapper and YouTuber, Dax is looking to prove his 2019 run was not a fluke as he dropped his own remix to Eminem’s Godzilla track.

This wouldn’t be the first time Dax paid homage to a Eminem song. “Killshot” and The “Real Slim Shady” were both remixed by the Canadian rapper.

Godzilla which is on Eminem’s latest album “Music To Be Murdered By” features Juice WRLD. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number three, but with this remix by Dax, Juice WRLD is not featured.


“This beats incredible Me and Eminem beats are identical twins were like inseparable / I sing I rap they’re side by side just like my (private part) / I’m gonna (screw) this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual / Listen close if your skeptical / I’m bout mop it up / Toes painted while I’m robbin ya / Daxnos repping H and M / They all “humbly miss” if they holliser / Twist words like I’m oliver / See my future something like philosophers,” raps Dax over the Godzilla beat.

Aside from his Godzilla remix, Dax is staying busy in his pursue of a successful 2020. Already Dax has a new single lined up titled “Book of Revelations” which will be on his upcoming project “I’ll Say It For You”.

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Dax lasted Instagram posted also revealed a song that he has completed with Mexican American Hip Hop artist, Snow The Product.


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