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Dave East: Tupac Is My Biggest Inspiration As Far As Acting

Dave East appeared on Hot 107.9 with host Reec Swiny where he spoke about how Tupac has inspired his acting career.

Dave who plays Method Man aka Shotgun in the Wu-Tang: An American Saga series, is slowly building his acting resume. A resume that consists of his roles in ‘Beats’ and ‘Being Mary Jane’.

When speaking about his career as a whole from acting and musically, it still hasn’t quite sink in for East. “I look back at and be like damn I covered a lot of ground in a short period of time. Because, it still . feels like just yesterday I was in the hood. That still ain’t like real far. Even with all the moves I done made, it still feels like right there,” explains Dave East.

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“I think that keeps me humble where I feel like you know I was just in a situation and now life is a lot better,” says Dave East. “I just feel like any time wasted, you can’t get it back.”

Dave East: Tupac Is My Biggest Inspiration As Far As Acting
Tupac as Birdie in Above The Rim

When compared to Tupac by host Reec Swiny, Dave East says, “‘Pac is my biggest inspiration as far as acting. Cause he was the only person really, not to take nothing for nobody else that did the rapping and the acting, but I feel like he really embodied them roles to where you would forget his music for a minute.”

Many felt Tupac would have reached Oscar winning status if he would have lived. Tupac showed his range in acting playing such characters like Lucky in Poetic Justice and Bishop in Juice.

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One of Dave East favorite Tupac movies is that of ‘Above The Rim‘. “That’s on my top 10 movies,” says Dave.


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