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DaniLeigh Talks In My Feelings Challenge, Drake, The Plan

DaniLeigh appeared on Big Boy Tv explained her jumping out of the car during the In My Feelings Challenge “At first I did it standing. I was just kinda like, its boring, I don’t like it. I was just like yo let’s try it, I think if we move with it, you know what I mean. We just thought of the car idea and just did it.”

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DaniLeigh also touched on what she wanted to portray with her about The Plan, “I wanted to really like press on the fact of like being yourself. That’s one of the songs on my album. I felt like my whole brand is like who I am. I feel like that’s a big part of it. There’s been time where I’ve been shut down. You know people didn’t care for the way I dressed because they thought I’m too tomboyish. They wanted me, different labels, that they’re like that, sexulised. You gotta do pop, you gotta do this. I was like nah, I’ll do it my way.”

Also DaniLeigh speaks on her mother’s support, meeting Drake and wanting to collab with Drake. She also touches on relationships, being a tomboy and the feeling her music gives off.


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