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DaBaby Update: Court Appearance, Warrant, Victim Speaks

DaBaby’s quick rise to Hip Hop stardom has come to a halt and we have all the DaBaby update details for you!

After being arrested for battery on Thursday night, January 2nd, DaBaby could also be charged with robbery charges. Not to mention he already had a warrant out in Dallas, Texas for organized criminal activity.

DaBaby Update: Court Appearance, Warrant, Victim Speaks
DaBaby Mugshot Jan.2, 2020

Appearing in court on Friday, January 3rd, the North Carolina artist was held without bond. His active warrant from Dallas, Texas came into play. Although his lawyers are currently working on a deal to get him released.

Now the victim who is concert promoter names Kenneth, told TMZ that multiple lawyers have contacted him to offer their services in an attempt to sue DaBaby.

Kenneth who was hired to organize a birthday party for rapper Stunna 4 Vegas at a Florida nightclub. Hosting the event would be DaBaby, who according to Kenneth, only asked for $30K. This would be a discounted price due to the fact that DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas are friends.

The beat down by DaBaby and his crew happened when Kenneth only showed up with 20K. Kenneth stated to TMZ that he told DaBaby he would get the additional 10K from his artist YC Woody. That didn’t sit will with Hip Hop’s rising star, and quickly things turned violent.

DaBaby allegedly ran off with the money, and since then Kenneth has not received that money back.

Kenneth is suffering from more than just his injuries that include cuts and bruises on his face. But, him and his family are having a tough time replaying the incident on video.

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Aside from the injuries, Kenneth was later robbed of $80, a credit card, and iPhone 7, and then had apple juice spilled all over him.

DaBaby update on what happened in Dallas, Texas?

According to multiple reports, DaBaby was involved in a fight on last December 2019. The incident took place at The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, when a food stand employee was attacked by DaBaby and a friend.

Police are labeling this as an organized crime activity.


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