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Da V, Ty Malik And LA Papas Get Ready For Their Biggest Performance

Before hitting the stage and opening for the second annual Welcome To The Festival, Da V, stops by The Dinner club. Da V speaks about their biggest performance, early support and staying humble.

Presented by Cabana Life Concerts, the second annual Welcome To The West Festival on September 20th, is an exclusive event dedicated to the West Coast, honoring its impact on Hip Hop. Headlined by Ice Cube, this year’s event features the likes of Roddy Rich, Malaynah, Bone Thugs, Dom Kennedy and Suga Free to name a few.

Nipsey Hussle headlined the very first Welcome to West Festival and will be honored this year with a special tribute. “It was truly an honor to have had such an inspirational and socially impactful artist play as our first headliner. We look forward to celebrating Nipsey Hussle’s legendary musicianship and remembering his positive influence on others, as the music community and beyond continue in mourning his passing,” event producers released in a statement.

Da V, Ty Malik and LA Papas understand how important this performance and opportunity is. The preparation that goes into it, as they approach the biggest performance for their young career. “I ain’t gon lie, we practice. We get down to it. Go to the studio look at ourselves. Rehearse. Even if we got to hit the mirror and see what we doin’.”

Coming from the “V” which stands for Victoria, Da V feel its a must to shut it down and rep their area as they will perform in their “backyard”. “We gon shut it down for sure.”

Along with the support they are receiving, the Da V is staying humble and not forgetting where they came from. “We keep our head on strong, we don’t let it get to us. We stay focus and we know where we came from. That’s why we stay humble, cause we know where we came from. A lot of people forget where they come from.”


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