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Da Baby And Security Kane Tell Their Side Why Female Fan Got Punched

With good reason, Da Baby jumping in the crowd was put on hold. Perhaps it should have been completely removed from his performances. “I said it for a while, but as soon I go back in, fans wanna punch me in the back of the head.” When that actually did happen, security guard Kane got involved.

Performing at the Free Water Clock Party in New Orleans, Da Baby did his signature jump into the crowd during the performance. Except this time, things turned for the worst.

A female fan runs over to Da Baby and attempts to take a photo of him. Not feeling the vibes, Da Baby pushes the female fan off of him. The fan wouldn’t take no for an answer, as she touches Da Baby, which would then prompt his security guard to knock her out cold.

Kane and Da Baby

Footage obtained by TMZ, shows the incident that would shut down the show and the female fan treated by paramedics.

Da Baby Didn’t Know It Was A Girl

When asked by Charlemagne if he knew that the fan was a female, Da Baby says no, but also explains that the female was outta control, “Buddy was going in there going crazy, losing it. Real Talk. Buddy punched me and three people before even punching me.”

Baby didn’t realize it was a female, not until the “internet” told him. “At the end of the day what is he suppose to do, let her knock me out?”

Without getting to preachy, Da Baby message is simple to everyone, “treat people the way you want to be treated”. There’s a price to pay when you are famous and Da Baby feels things have to change. “People act like because you’re successful, because you’re a celebrity, people can do you any kind a way without no type of consequences. The law really let these people sue you and everything. They really let people, and they let them win too,” he explains.

Although the footage was released by TMZ, Baby claims he has the real HD footage showing exactly what happened. “We got $16,000 cameras. Two, three of them, all times.”

Security Guard Kane Side Of The Story

Kane recently took to social media explaining his side of the story. Just like Da Baby, Kane did not realize the individual was a female until watching the footage just like everyone else.

Appearing on the Breakfast Club, Kane was committed to his side of the story. “When I found out it was a “girl”, I felt bad. I’m like damn, I hit a girl like that. I never punch no girl in my life.”

“In the moment I see a dude wildin out. Then the dude hits Da Baby in the back of the head. I’m not gon wait for another punch to hit him in the back of the head. So, I go to stop it and then you know I did what I did.”

Fast forward to 18:30 of the interview with the Breakfast Club for Kane’s side of the story.


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