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D12’s Swifty McVay Predicts How The Snoop Dogg, Eminem Beef Will End

Appearing on Heart Of An Outlaw Show, D12’s Swifty McVay gave his prediction for the outcome of the current beef between Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

There has been much discussion within the Hip Hop community since the release of Eminem’s Deluxe Edition for his Music To Be Murdered By album in which he dissed Snoop Dogg on the song Zeus.

In a recent session of The Clubhouse, Snoop’s cousin Daz Dillinger suggested that perhaps Snoop is still upset when he was told no years ago when he wanted to record a song with Marshall Mathers.

McVay who was part of Hip Hop group D12, formed in 1996, has recorded hits with Eminem and toured with Snoop Dogg as well. At the end, McVay believes the two icons will get passed what he calls a misunderstanding.

D12's Swifty McVay

“I just think soon as they get into a room and talk, they gonna talk about it and they gon squash it,” McVay said. “I don’t think its beef at all. I just think it is a misunderstanding.”

Although Swifty McVay believes the two artist will work things out, the Detroit native also understands why Eminem took Snoop’s comments on The Breakfast Club the way he did.

Back in July of 2020 on The Breakfast Club, Snoop speaking of Eminem’s impact on Hip Hop, the Dogg Father said he could live without that (ishh), referring to Eminem. This particular comment and the tone in which it was said took Em by surprised as he explained on Shade 45 New Years Eve.

“I feel where Eminem is coming from. Being from the same camp, the same team, his [Snoop] opinion is his opinion which is super cool, but when he said he can live without this, it would kind of make you question what does that mean,” McVay explains. “When I heard it…. when you are on the same team with somebody you don’t make anybody feel like they have to question if you mess with them or not.”


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