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D-Nice Shares Untold Tupac Story On Club Quarantine

Legendary Hip Hop DJ and musician D-Nice via his Club Quarantine on IG Live, shared an untold story how Tupac Shakur saved his cousin from being arrested.

D-Nice emerged onto the Hip Hop scene in the mid 1980s as a member of the group Boogie Down Productions with KRS-One. Nice it no stranger to taking risks and evolving with the times.

That is exactly what D-Nice did with his Club Quarantine series which was initially slated to be a Hip Hop interview series. Going from video calling high profile celebrity friends while he played music on his laptop, to becoming the must-watch Friday night party via IG Live.

“I was in Atlanta and I was at this club called 112. No lie, I was hanging out at this club, but I went to this club with Treach of Naughty By Nature,” D-Nice said. “Pac was there and Andre Risen was there, and of course Left Eye was there.”


During the night at the club, Tupac would pass the blunt to D-Nice which Nice declined letting Pac know he did not smoke. Tupac in shock when he learned D-Nice did not smoke marijuana, Pac would quickly passed it off to D-Nice’s cousin.

Without even having a chance to take a pull, officers quickly intervened, looking to arrest Tupac and D-Nice’s cousin. “Pac just took the blame for everything,” D-Nice explained. “Pac was like no, ‘He had nothing to do with it’. And, they just arrested Pac and they let my cousin go.”

Nice would cap off the untold story by playing ‘I Get Around’, Shakur’s 1993 hit single off his sophomore studio album.

“That was the dude that Tupac was. The way he rapped and what he rapped about he represented. Represented to the fullest.”


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