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Crooked I Names Tupac Greatest Rapper Of All Time

Long Beach rapper Crooked I appeared on People’s Party With Talib Kweli on which he called Tupac the greatest of all time.

Speaking with hosts, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh, Crooked I was reminiscent on his illustrious career. In 1995, Crooked I signed his first record deal with Virgin Records. Following the deal, he collaborated with the likes of The Luniz and Snoop Dogg. Later in the early millennium, he became a Death Row Records artist, appearing on the Tupac Shakur remix album Nu-Mixx Klazzics and Too Gangsta For Radio.

However, it was earlier in his career that Crooked I witnessed the rapper he now calls his greatest of all time. Crooked would witness Tupac working in the studio. On ‘The People’s Party’ With Talib Kweli, the Long Beach rhyme spitter details the first time he met Tupac.

The first meeting took place at the recording session for the Tupac and Snoop Dogg promotional advert for the liquor St. Ides. Walking into the studio with his friend RenDogg from Long Beach, Crooked I passed Suge Knight entering. He described Suge as “mean-mugging” RenDogg and remembers thinking “what the f*** this?! This the s***, it’s lit.”

Crooked I Considers Tupac His GOAT

It was at this moment that he first saw Tupac. He saw Tupac and Snoop Dogg going over their lines and discussing how they wanted the commercial to flow. Explaining that he was a fan of Tupac before he had met him. Crooked I also states that he considers Tupac to be the greatest. Explaining why, he said “right now Tupac is the GOAT to me. Because his music just spoke to me more on a personal level than anybody else’s.”

As a result of being a teenager at the time very early into his career, Crooked also says he didn’t realize how lucky he was to be in the studio that day.


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