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Crooked I Message To Nick Cannon: Eminem Has Friends

Nick Cannon might have bit off more than he can chew. After replying back to a fan on twitter who suggested Slaughterhouse join Eminem on a diss song, Nick Cannon replied saying, “He has no friends.” Crooked I doesn’t agree.

Crooked posted a video of himself via Instagram speaking on Nick Cannon vs Eminem. “I go on Twitter, and my mentions is blowing up. People asking me to respond to Nick Cannon. And I’m like, ‘Me to respond to Nick Cannon?’ I know he and ‘Em doing something, going back and forth. I’m expecting Nick to do what he do, you know,” says Crooked I. “Then I see the tweet. Somebody suggested Slaughterhouse enter the party. And, Nick said basically, ‘Em don’t (mess) with them. He has no friends, something like that.”

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Crooked I, 50 Cent, and Eminem
Crooked I, 50 Cent, and Eminem

Crooked I would then play a few seconds preview of what he says is a new joint from his group, Family Bvsiness. “Me and my young brothers got a group called family business. We got a lot of projects coming out. That particular joint was cooked up my Eminem, you feel me. Marshall cooked that up for us, cause friends look out for friends. That’s just one of many joints that we cooked with Slim Shady, you feel me. He got friends out here, believe that.”

If you don’t know by now the group Crooked I is talking about is one that will make it’s mark in 2020. October of 2018 saw the release of “Grand Opening“, Family Bvsiness EP which consisted of only five songs. The group features Crooked I and the Horseshoe Gang. Not just any group, but family. Kenny, Demetrius, Dice, and Julius are all biological younger brothers to Crooked I.


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