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Crim Dela Crim Talks Working With Scott Storch, Steve Lobel, Milla

Crim Dela Crim returns to The Dinner Club with a whole new support team Steve Lobel, Scott Storch and Pacman. Crim Dela Crim talks about working with Scott Storch and how it has impacted his career thus far.

Crim also talks about future collaboration he has in the works, “Since I’ve been here last, we worked with Boosie. That’s another song we got coming up. Milla, he’s a up rising artist from the Bay. So, watch out for Milla.”

Earlier this year, Crim dropped his EP consistenting of 6 songs, all which are produced by Scott Storch. “Who’s Crim Dela Crim?” could possibly be the only album in Hip Hop produced completely by Scott Storch. “Correct me if I’m wrong, I think I am the only guy here in history that gotts an album completely produced by the legend Scott Storch,” says Crim Dela Crim.

An incredible experience to say the least for Crim to work with Scott, “Just being around him its incredible. Its made me step my game up tremendously. From where I come from, a lot of people don’t know this, I come from a small country farm in the middle of Kansas. I didn’t even know rap music existed till I was in the 3rd grade. That’s how country I was.”

“One of the first people I found out about was Scott Storch. He’s such a legend. Fast forward now I’m working with him, dropping an album with him. And because of Scott Storch. When we did the album I actually went to his house for a weekend and we recorded the entire project. So, he found out I was independent, so he hit up Steve, which is his manager. Steve Lobel and told him they I got this artist in here. Hes super dope, independent. Let’s make some money,” explains Crim.

“You know Steve lobel busy,” says . So busy that it took Scott Storch more than one time for Steve to hear finally hear the music. “It took Scott calling him like three times of calling him, for him to even listen to the music we had done. So big up to Scott Storch man, for believing in the sound, hearing the sound, doing the music with me and pushing thr issue like he did.”

Listen to Crim Dela Crim interview with The Dinner Club on Dash Radio The City tonight at 9PM/PT.


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