Creating a Monster – A Poem About Narcissism

I spent a lifetime, stuck in my mind, trying to discover the truth

Searching for the sublime, the inner-divine, that sacred spark of proof

Showing me who I am and all that I ever was

A radiant soul, capable of being loved

Just because I was who I was

The poverty, the sorrow, and those who called themselves my superiors

Took a fledging heart, breaking it into shards, making me believe that I was inferior

Who would I be, could I become the man who I saw

In others? Or would I reflect my brothers? Devoid of an inner-law.

I spent a lifetime searching for God

To provide me with proof that I could be loved

The journey, a fruitless attempt at inner-love

Which for me remains an immaculate façade

The cynic, the critic, the bluster you see

Veils the lost soul hidden deep within me

I spent my lifetime searching for peace

Seeking my worth, for my pain to decrease

Hiding away the tender parts of my spirit

Creating a monster so you would fear it

A beast that’s so ugly, I can’t even be near it

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