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Counterblow Cast Members, C.Nezzel, Model Of The Week Camara

This episode of The Dinner Club we welcome the cast of independent movie, Counterblow.

As explained by supporting actress Jill Allen , Counterblow is about a mother, obsessed with watching murder shows, convinces her daughter to murder her husband’s mistress with the help of herself and a close relative. “Now I know that sounds deep, but its all comedy. So its a lot of things that go awry in this situation, says Jill.

Ty Whittington, the director of Counterblow, talks about the all woman cast movie. It is not really all about the man, but rather than the woman who cheats. The mistress.

“I tired to make it light. I know a lot of females, I personally went through it where you know you invest so much in your relationship. You know, your spouse may cheat and you may not want to give it up. You know what I mean. Like I worked so hard for this relationship and I don’t want to walk away. Sometimes the girl don’t care. These girls don’t care. So it was just like I want to kill her. I want to eliminate her, you know. so, I was make light of that,” says Ty.

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Also, the panel kicks it off talking about the passing of John Singleton. Singleton suffered a stroke and died at the age of 51 this past April.

John Singleton, film director, screenwriter and producer was known for directing various iconic movies. Movies such as Poetic Justic, Boyz N The hood and Baby Boy.

Model Of The Week Camara talks modelling and suffering from depression. Camara considers herself more of a tradition model. Just as the times change, Camara is adapting to broaden her modelling and reach a larger audience such as in social media.

Camara also gives her thoughts on plastic surgery. “I think people should really do their research before they get something done. Really make sure that they want it for them. Not trying to impress someone,” says Camara.

This week’s independent artist, Long Beach own C.Nezzel stops by. C.Nezzel who chose to not become a rapper, but rather a Reggae star explains why. “I’ve been listening to Reggae for a long time. My dad was a big fan of Reggae, slower Reggae, you know. Bob Marley, you know Issac. Gregory and them. Big Gregory. So I grew up on that. Listening to that coming into the house, says C.Nezzel.


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