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Costco Customer Who Lashed Out Was Fired From His Job!

A Costco customer was recorded screaming in rage at an elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask, has lost his job due to his behavior.

Fort Myers Costco in Florida, had a male customer flip out, as an elderly woman asked him to wear a mask. In the video that went viral, the man is seen accusing the woman of harassment. “I feel threatened!” the male Costco customer shouts, clenching his fists as he approaches closer to the camera.a. “Back up! Threaten me again! Back the f up, put your f’in phone down.”

The woman who does not appear on camera, is heard saying, “I’m not harassing you. You’re coming close to me.” The man was told to leave the store by Costco employees, who also ensured the woman went into her car safe and sound.


The video quickly went viral. Many asking for information on the customer and asking who was his employer. Well, it has been reported that the man, named Daniel Maples, has lost his job due to his behavior.

Ironically, Maples was a director of customer service before moving up as a senior insurance agent for Ted Todd Insurance. The company issued a statement about the matter on Tuesday afternoon. Asking for more information of the situation sent to them via email.

“Threatening behavior and intimidation go against our core mission to be trusted advisors in our community. We are also committed to immediately reviewing our internal existing culture at TTI. We ask that further feedback be sent to [email protected],” tweeted Charley Todd CEO.

Minutes later the company posted a follow up and announce the firing of Daniel Maples.


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