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Comedy Store Shoot-Out Involving Tupac Revealed

Comedian Joey Diaz tells a brief story of Tupac embroiled in a shoot-out outside of the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in California was frequently visited by Tupac Shakur. Back then it was a place with limited control over the audience and no metal detectors. Talking on his YouTube show, Joey Diaz touches on a story that was told to him by Eddie Griffin.

An altercation happened involving Tupac in the main room which ended up in a shoot-out. Gunfire continued as they spilt onto the street out of the side door. Witnesses describe the incident as being something out of a western with bullet holes still in the Skybar Mondrian, the building across the street.

Comedy Store
The Comedy Store in Los Angeles

Mitzi Shore, the owner of the Comedy Store, wasn’t pleased with Eddie Griffin and would end up banning Griffin. Questioning the reason why she was banning him, Mitzi said, “because Tupac came in he’s your friend and got into a shoot-out. Now I’m responsible for Tupac getting into a shoot-out.”

Actor and comedian Guy Torry once told a similar story when he appeared on the Breakfast Club. Torry hosted the Comedy Store’s Phat Tuesdays in the nineties. Tupac and Treach were in attendance watching Eddie Griffin when a fight erupted. “Treach used to wear that big old chain, like not a gold chain but that pull-a-pick-up-truck chain, so he started beating the guy with the chain. So he and Tupac were side by side beating up a guy,” says Guy Torry.

Comedy Store
Tupac & Treach

Tupac’s step-brother, Mopreme Shakur also spoke about an incident that happened while he was in attended the Comedy Store. Mopreme recalls, “There was a fight at the Comedy Store, and some gang members were after him [Tupac]. So he put on his bulletproof vest and all his guns, and he went to their place. He said, ‘Y’all looking for me? Here I am!’


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