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Comedian Joe Torry Reflects On Poetic Justice “Tupac Went Crazy On Us”

Appearing on The Mike & Donny Show, comedian Joe Torry shared his experience working with Tupac Shakur in the movie “Poetic Justice“.

When asked to describe how it was like working with Tupac Shakur, Torry says, “Pac started ou a true professional, and then Pac went crazy on us.”

“People gotta understand that Tupac was 20 at the time. And he turned 21. So, during that movie he was transforming. I remember when I was 21, I was crazy.”

Comedian Joe Torry Reflects On Poetic Justice "Tupac Went Crazy On Us"

Torry also speaks on how Lucky was initially suppose to be played by Q-Tip and not Tupac. “Plus Q was suppose to play the part at first. But Q wouldn’t call John (Singleton) back after Boyz N The Hood.” For Q-Tip he didn’t even want the part of Lucky, instead he wanted to play the character Chicago.

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John Singleton ended up going with Tupac, which to Torry was the better move. “Pac did better. Pac was a better actor. Nothing against Q, but Pac was a better actor. And, he brought so much out of that character,” explains Joe Torry. “I didn’t even think he was acting half the time.”

Janet Jackson had also giving her thoughts on working with Tupac in the past. Speaking to the Real 92.3 back in 2018, Janet agreed Tupac was “crazy” but she also adored him. “Pac was crazy and I adored him. He was one way the way people saw him, not to say that wasn’t him but he also had another side to him, he was fun and silly,” Janet said.

During that interview Janet would also reveal a special nickname Tupac had for her. Tupac would always say to her “What’s up square” She said it was because she was very quiet and she would just sit back, watch and laugh. She reveals when she first saw Tupac’s THUG LIFE tattoo.

More on Tupac’s tattoos and the real meaning behind the tattoos.

Tupac had the tattoo done around the time that they were filming, by tattoo artist Dennis ‘Dago’ Coelho. Tupac greeted Janet saying “Hey Square” and he lifted up his shirt to show his fresh, iconic tattoo.


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