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CM Punk WWE Return Is Teased, Set For Appearance Next Week

WWE’s ratings problem could see a significant change for the better, as CM Punk’s WWE return has been teased by FOX.

The wrestling world is once again buzzing like its 2011, and once again CM Punk is responsible for it. On Tuesday night (May 5), the twitter account for WWE on FOX tweeted a backwards cryptic message that read ‘Do I have everybody’s attention now?’.

Instantly wrestling fans recalled the time CM Punk uttered those same words in one of his infamous ‘pipebomb’ promos back in 2011.


Since his singing with FOX, many have speculated whether or not CM Punk had already signed with the WWE. (Read: CM Punk Signed A Deal With WWE Before He Signed With Fox!) It is hard to believe that Punk signed with only FOX and is working on a show called WWE Backstage.

For months during the SmackDown weekly show on FOX, a mystery hacker has made sporadic appearances. Initially viewers at home wondered if something was wrong with their television or a problem with FOX cameras, as static would appear for a few seconds.

This static would occur during various matches, with no acknowledgement from the commentators such as Michael Cole. Weeks later a mysterious individual with a black hoodie was seen sitting in front of multiple television sets, watching the every move of WWE superstars.

With that came message to all WWE members of the roster, “The truth wiull be heard”. During Tuesday’s epsiode of WWE Backstage on FOX, the “hacker” invaded the program. Which shortly after the WWE on FOX twitter account tweeted the following, “¿ʍou uoı̣ʇuǝʇʇɐ s,ʎpoqʎɹǝʌǝ ǝʌɐɥ ı̣ op”.

In response to the tweet CM Punk via his official twitter account replied with a facepalm GIF.

CM Punk is set to appear on WWE Backstage on May 12th, and rest assure the wrestling world will be tuning in.


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