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CM Punk Update With WWE, FS1 ‘Backstage’ Studio Show

Will he appear on Friday Night Smackdown?

Rumors of CM Punk returning to pro wrestling since his departure almost six years ago, has been just that. Rumors. That was until now. We can now take the latest CM Punk update and return to pro wrestling more seriously.

As reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Punk secretly visited the Fox studios earlier this week. As we all know by now, WWE and Fox have a deal in place that will move Smackdown to Fox on Friday nights.

What we didn’t know was that Fox were planning on producing a show called ‘Backstage’. A show that WWE has no control over, and apparently a show that Fox would love for CM Punk to be apart of.

cm punk update
CM Punk delivering his infamous ‘pipe bomb’

There is no indication yet that Punk has signed a deal with Fox or the WWE, but he was indeed auditioning for a role on the ‘Backstage’ show. Interestingly enough, Reene Young was also in attendance.

Booker T was interviewed and quickly denounced rumors that he was there with CM Punk during the audition. “The one I read it said he was brought in to do test shots with Renee Young, no Booker T. I no nothing about this at all,” says Booker T referring to the rumors of CM Punk joining Fox.

It was rumored earlier this month that CM Punk and his agent reached out to Fox about the show. As we have seen in the past, this could be a step closer to a WWE sqaure circle. Perhaps CM Punk would love to return to WWE and WWE would love for him to return. All that is missing is an ice breaker.

This potential new role for Punk, could just be the ice breaker needed to get things in motion for a return to a WWE ring. In the past we have seen the likes of the Ultimate Warrior and Sting, make their WWE debuts and return by first using their WWE 2K gaming deals as the “ice breaker”.


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