CM Punk Signed A Deal With WWE Before He Signed With Fox!

CM Punk has two separate deals, and here's why.

CM Punk recently made his shocking debut to Fox’s WWE Backstage show. Many are asking, actually many are saying that CM Punk is not signed to WWE, but only signed to Fox. Is CM Punk really not signed to WWE?

Yes. CM Punk is signed to WWE in 2019. CM Punk has two deals, one deal with Fox and another deal with the WWE.

CM Punk returns to wrestling

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CM Punk returns to the wrestling world

“It’s as simple as this: Just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the culture,” Punk told the camera, before adding, “I’ll see you here next week.” Yes that’s right as we all know by now, Punk has returned to the wrestling world as he shocked everyone, yes, EVERYONE.


Dirt Sheets do not have the inside scoop!

Don’t let these so call “sources” or “You-tubers” or anyone with many years of delivering the “exclusive” wrestling news, fool you. They didn’t know! And, just like Punk said “Just when they think they’ve got the answers”. Key word “think”.

This is how they make you think they have these exclusive inside “sources”.

  • Tell you exactly what everyone knows already. CM Punk is signed to Fox.
  • Next they make sure to add the word only because in reality they do not know for sure if Punk really signed with WWE. So they play it safe. CM Punk is signed to Fox only and not the WWE.
  • Next they make an obvious guess. CM Punk met with Tony Khan and AEW offered Punk a lot of money. Punk denied the offer.

Deal with Fox, FS1

Yes, Punk is signed with Fox. According to Fox, Punk will make periodic appearances on WWE Backstage. His first official appearance will be Tuesday November 19th. How much is the deal worth and for how many appearances, NO ONE knows yet.

Punk’s 2019 deal with the WWE

Here’s where things become comical. Do you really believe that Punk is only signed to Fox, and not the WWE? Do you also really believe that Fox has more say on the Backstage show than the WWE?

Of course WWE is in control of the Backstage show! Ratings were terrible because:

  1. The show is on a network that it’s core fans aren’t use to seeing a WWE show on
  2. It will take some time for WWE fans to remember to either DVR the show, or remember what day the show is even on. (I bet they will remember now..CM Punk…CM Punk)

WWE will create and progress story lines with the Backstage show, and this is no different with Punk in the picture. So, yes Punk is signed already to WWE and this probably happened way before the WWE Backstage deal with Fox took place.

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The one thing Fox does control with Backstage that WWE doesn’t, is the checks they send to Booker T, Renee Young, and now Punk. So Punk does indeed have two deals. One with WWE and one with Fox.

What’s WWE’s plan for CM Punk?

No, I am not saying I have some inside scoop like the others, but I am guessing WWE will have Punk do random appearances on Backstage. This will consist of Punk interacting with various WWE Superstars. With the end result of one particular WWE Superstar who will give Punk a reason to have one more match. By the way, I believe Punk will have more than one more match.

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CM Punk wins WWE Championship, 2011
CM Punk wins WWE Championship, 2011

WWE is taking their time with this story line, not because they want to, but because Punk wants it that way. Just like he wanted it that way when he won the WWE Championship and dissapeared with the title. But, WWE rushed him back to then get buried by Triple H.

Only difference now, is that WWE needs CM Punk, more than CM Punk needs the WWE.


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