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CM Punk Says Fox Studio WWE ‘Backstage’ Rumor Is True

CM Punk Fox Studio deal isn’t finalized, yet. But, CM Punk isn’t denying that he was at Fox Studios with Reene Young auditioning for a show called ‘Backstage’.

After challenging the Rock to call him live Smackdown’s Fox premiere this Friday, CM Punk has the wrestling world buzzing again. Punk appeared on a radio show where he asked the Rock to call him on Friday. “Gee, hopefully people don’t do this, but do you remember the last time The Rock was in the Staples Center?” Punk said jokingly. “Let’s do it again. When is this show, next Friday? Dwayne, call me Friday.”

Earlier in the week rumors hit the internet claiming CM Punk was auditioning at Fox Studios with Reene Young. The two are rumored to host a WWE show titled ‘Backstage’ produced by Fox.


Appearing on Collider Live, CM Punk confirmed the rumors. “Yeah I did it,” Cm Punk said when asked if he was there. “My agents got me on the phone and their like ‘hey Fox wants to present… like Fox spent a lot of money getting the rights for what I understand just Smackdown.”

CM Punk Says Fox Studio WWE 'Backstage' Rumor Is True
CM Punk holding the WWE Championship

One would expect Fox will do anything to have this huge 4 billion dollar invest become a success. Not just Fox, but WWE as well. WWE ratings hit alarming lows this past summer, which prompted them to revamp their brands and make changes. “I guess they’re [Fox] looking at things, you know ratings still are deeping,” says Punk

If Punk were to sign with Fox it would most certainly be for a high cost. Something Fox is willing to do. “My agents just called me and they’re like Fox is throwing everything at this cause they spent a lot of money on this, and they’re all in and they gotta make this work,” explains Punk.

For those who think this means CM Punk returning to a WWE ring is coming soon, well not so fast. At this moment in time, Punk is still not interested in a wrestling return. “Originally I thought it was like a WWE thing so I was just like um no. And they’re like this is fox. I’m not dealing with anybody in WWE,” says CM Punk.

If a deal were to go down, it would strictly be for CM Punk to work on Fox’s WWE show ‘Backstage’. “They want to present it like if its a real sport and just have a show that recaps stuff, just like they do with the NFL. Just like NHL network would do with Hockey games and stuff like that.”

Punk also confirms that him and WWE have not spoken since his visit to Fox studios.


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