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CM Punk Reveals How Much Money It Would Take To Return To Wrestling

Appearing on Pardon My Take, CM Punk can sums up with one sentence, how much money it would take for him to return to wrestling. “I don’t think they have that much money,” says Punk.

Whether he is serious or not, this could be a strategy to have the WWE accept his challenge. If Vince McMahon actually escapes the bubble many say he lives in, and listens to this interview, Vince could actually shell out tons of money to prove Punk wrong. Is Vince that crazy? Yes!

If not cash, then maybe stocks? Jokingly, Punk laughed at the idea of perhaps being paid in stock when it was brought up by the host, “Maybe I could be paid in stocks.”

CM Punk wins his first WWE Championship

So really what would it take to bring Punk back to the WWE? When asked if he was in Vince McMahon’s shoes, what would he pay CM Punk for a return to wrestling. “I think the conversation would have to start somewhere like, I don’t know, 20, 25,” says Punk.

That is a tremendous amount of money. That would make CM Punk the highest paid wrestler in the world. WWE can afford it, right? Why not?They have a huge billion dollar deal with Fox, and they bring ridiculous revenue from their Saudi deal as well. Speaking of Saudi, and WWE’s PPV ‘Crown Jewel, given the amount of money the WWE and it’s superstars are getting paid to perform in Saudi Arabia, for Punk this isn’t an option. “I’m not doing a single one of those.”

Bad blood between Punk, WWE

But, is money really the answer? How about the legal war between the WWE and Punk? What about Punk walking out on the WWE, and refusing to work with Triple H at Wrestlemania? That seems to be a lot of forgiving that perhaps money can’t buy.

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Oh, and there is this, getting fired on your wedding day? Ouch. Time has past, and for Punk it doesn’t really bother him much, “Yeah, but my perspective was that it was a gift. He’s probably like ‘ha ha got him’, and I’m like um this is pretty sweet.”

Could Vince really be that cruel? Punk seems to think so. Getting fired of his wedding day, was not a coincidence says Punk, “It’s impossible to think that it was anything but done maliciously and on purpose, but I’ve also forgiven him for it.”


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