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Clemens Teetz 14 Year Old Artist Inspired By Tupac

In this edition of Tupac Art Inspiration, we speak to young artist, Clemens Teetz. This talented artist from Kiel in Germany, tells us how Tupac Shakur inspired him to be creative and how ‘Pac’s work ethic taught him strong lessons in life.

When Tupac spoke about how he would spark the brain that will change the world, over twenty years on and we are still seeing those brains being sparked. From activists, musicians, visual artists, the list goes on, Tupac has and continues to spark the brains of people to this day. Our exclusive Tupac Art Inspiration series concentrates on visual artists who’s brains have been ‘sparked’ by Tupac.

Tupac Art By Clemens Teetz

O4L Online: First off, the artwork on your Instagram is awesome! Can you tell us some more about yourself and how long you’ve been drawing?

I’m a self-taught drawer who recently turned fourteen years of age and I live in Germany.

Tupac Art By Clemens Teetz

O4L Online: It’s great to see that talent at such a young age. You have completed some classic artwork. What pushed you in the direction of being creative?

Well, I guess I had inspiration from other artists. I liked what I saw and tried to imitate some of their drawings. From doing that, I figured out my own techniques.

Tupac Art By 14 year old Clemens Teetz

Inspired To Create Tupac Art

O4L Online: On looking at your phenomenal artwork, we can see that you are a Tupac fan! What made you want to draw Tupac and what sort of feedback have you had?

The actual reason I got back to drawing was because of Tupac. He inspired me in so many ways. I just wanted to dedicate myself to drawing him. At first, it wasn’t that good but my fourth or fifth time of drawing him is when I drew the artwork from the ‘Until The End Of Time’ album. The original photograph came from a 1993 shoot with photographer Danny Clinch. I was pretty satisfied with the results of the drawing, so I posted it on Instagram. After receiving a good amount of likes on the post I wanted to continue drawing him and sharing it on my Instagram site.

Clemens Teetz Official Instagram account.

O4L Online: That really is what this series is all about! Tupac’s music and lyrics are used as inspiration by many people all over the world. Has your artwork been inspired or motivated by Tupac, if so, how?

Oh, yes a lot. Not only because of his lyrics but also his work ethic. He knew he had a talent and knew people would like what he was doing. He wasted no time making music and pretty much dedicated his life for a number of years to do it until his death. ‘Pac inspires me a lot to keep doing the best I can and to never stop.

O4L Online: Tupac’s music was so diverse, appealing to street thugs and single mothers alike. If we asked you to name your top five Tupac songs, what would they be and why?

For myself, it really depends on my mood, but at this moment I think it will go something like this.

Clemens Top 5 Tupac Tracks


Tupac tries to speak for/to the people and wants to make a better world.

Dear Mama

He respects his Mother for being true and caring about him and being a strong woman, even thanking her besides all the drama and bad times with her.

Keep Ya Head Up

‘Pac tries to speak for the women and make others realize that women are not objects and shows the pain others have been through.

To Live & Die in L.A.

On this track, Tupac represents Los Angeles with all its differences but also thanks everybody who helped him to get where he’s at.

Ambitionz Az A Ridah

He keeps on going nothing can stop him. And nothing changed in his life but him finding fame.

O4L Online: Good choices! With creative arts being a huge talent of yours, the future is bright for you. Can you tell us about any future projects or exhibitions that you have coming up and let people know where they can get your artwork from?

Well, at the moment I’ve not got any ideas of selling my artwork just yet. I haven’t thought about it much yet, but I’m always planning and working on something artistic. The problem is it’s hard to finish something because I come up with new ideas every time!

O4L Online: No matter what you do, we know that you have a great talent which will stand you in good stead. Thank you for talking with o4lonlinenetwork.com


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