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Chuck D Shares Rare Story Of A Young 20-Year Old 2pac

Appearing on People’s Party hosted by Talib Kweli, legendary Hip Hop icon Chuck D shared a rare 2pac story.

Shortly after 2pac was beaten up my Oakland police, he attended a Public Enemy show in which Chuck D stopped the show and dedicated a song for 2pac after hearing what had occurred. This would bring a young 2pac to tears.

“That was easy because 2pac was like a little brother to us. He was a dude carrying bags for Digital Underground, but also Shock G would let him get a little rhyme time if they expanded the show out,” said Chuck D.

Chuck D Shares Rare Story Of A Young 2pac Shakur

On October of 1991, 2pac was badly bruised by Oakland Police, as the young 20-year old Shakur was accused of jay-walking. Two Oakland officers gave 2pac a hard time and ridiculed him when he stated his name was Tupac. The officers would eventually bash Pac’s face repeatedly to the ground.

“Seeing that Pac had that little issue with the police, I’m on stage. I’m like saying, ‘What the f—, that’s Pac?’, get your a– up here. It was one of those things. We shut down the show,” Chuck D recalls.

As a result, 2pac would go on to win $42,000 in a lawsuit against the Oakland police department.

2pac photos after beaten by Oakland police

Chuck D also recalls the time he met Treach of Naughty By Nature, who with 2pac were both respectively carrying bags for Digital Underground and Queen Latifah.

Chuck D, or rather “Uncle Chuck”, had to make sure to keep the two young artists in check. “So both of these dudes, I’m looking at these young dudes, nineteen years old. I’m looking at them. We going to the city and they’re rolling out together. I said, ‘Dudes, don’t f*** up. We ain’t gon come to save your ass. Don’t f*** up. I was like uncle Chuck.”

In 1995 when 2pac was in prison for the alleged rape case, he would end up writing a letter to Chuck D, reflecting on the times he was on tour as young artist with “Uncle Chuck”.

2pac's letter to Chuck D
2pac’s letter to Chuck D from prison

“Back in the dayz, on tour with u, I learned so much from what u did and how u did it,” Shakur wrote. “It may be hard 2 C but u have alwayz played a major role in what it is I do 2day,” wrote 2pac.

Seeing both 2pac and Treach come up together at such a young age, was a joy for Chuck D. “It was a wonderful joy seeing these young men, enjoying their coming out. It’s like these guys are gonna be stars, and they were buddies like that. That’s when what happened to Pac it really seriously affected Treach,” Chuck D tells host Talib Kweli.

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