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Cheyenne Model Of The Week, CrayOC Shares An Incredible Personal Story

This weeks DJ Don Juan’s Model Of The Week, Cheyenne talks networking on social media. “That’s just the way it is nowadays, you know what I mean. You gotta network. It don’t matter about talent no more. You gotta Network. You gotta be able to have people skills,” says Cheyenne.

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EDI says Don Juan refers it as social media is the new business card. “A lot of people think that it’s not and It’s uh, let just say unprofessional, but it’s not no more. That’s just the way you make connections. That’s the way you get jobs. It is what it is, that’s the new world. That’s reality. That’s just the way it is,” explains Cheyenne.


“In order to start doing a modeling career, you have to do some free work… After you build yourself, you go from there” – Cheyenne

Cheyenne born and raised in Pasadena, California, would often drive to L.A. while she worked on her career. A career that started with photo shoots working with local photographers, modeling, music videos and making the right connections with the right people.


Speaking of music videos, the importance of treating models fairly gets overlooked. Hard to believe, but unfortunately true according to Cheyenne. “When artists treat us good, they make us feel good. When you feel good, you get camera time because you perform better,” says Cheyenne. Feeding your models is also very important. Working hours upon hours for a music video is only right to feed your models suggests Cheyenne. Cheyenne also goes on to list her top 3 favorite music videos she has appeared in.

Besides appearing in music videos, Cheyenne also does hip hop dancing, acts and models. She also talks about her plans for the future such as a clothing like. All this and more with our Model Of The Week, plus she gives up and coming models advice!

CrayOC shares an incredible deep story . CrayOC explains how back in the days his mother was heavily on drugs. The addiction was so bad, that his own mother would sell his sister for drugs. “We weren’t able to find my sister for years. We were looking for her. Couldn’t find her.

That was until a social media platform was utilize in a positive way. “Back in like 2007, maybe 2006, she found me and my sister on Myspace. She had sent me a message. She was like yo, I’m your sister.”

At first CrayOC was skeptical of the possibly and odds of reconnecting with his sister. “Like when I first read it, I was like no way you could be my sister. Like who just says that. Then I started looking at her pictures.

After going through the photos, there was no question that it was indeed his sister. “Her and my mother look like sisters,” explains CrayOC. Experiences such as this can be heard heavily in CrayOC music. On the song WOA (Words Of Encouragement) featuring Rosemarie. “Basically, you know, uh, she had her lost her mom at a young age too. So, that’s kinda like where me and her both connected on that vibe,” says CrayOC.


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