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Chelsea Handler: 50 Cent Absolutely Supports Biden

Comedian Chelsea Handler appeared on The Breakfast Club where she revealed having private conversation with 50 Cent about his alleged support for Donald Trump.

Last week the Hip Hop artist posted a screenshot of the alleged Biden Tax Plan from CNBC program “Power Lunch”. Under Biden’s plan those who are earning more than $400,000 could be hit with a 62% in taxes. (View: With 6ix9ine Gone, 50 Cent Trolls The Internet For Promotion) Along with the screenshot, 50 Cent claimed he was leaving New York and voting for Donald Trump, which angered many including his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler. (View: Chelsea Handler Is No Longer In Love With 50 Cent)

“I DM’ed him and I said, ‘Hey please give me a call. I don’t want to do this publicly, can we please talk privately’. And he called me and I just asked him if he was serious,” Handler said on The Breakfast Club.

Chelsea Handler: 50 Cent Absolutely Supports Biden
Chelsea Handler (Getty / Alberto E. Rodriguez)

“I said hey are you serious? I think you are kidding about supporting Trump, but I just want to see if you’re serious and if you are why?,” Handler said during her morning interview. “How could you possibly support this person. This white supremacist who is in office, where you are white or black this should be a problem for you.

Handler claims 50 Cent said he was just “screwing around” and gave her the green light to tell all Breakfast Club listeners that he is absolutely supporting Joe Biden.

She also went on to apologize for her comments when she stated she had to remind 50 Cent he was black. “I don’t have any business saying anything like that, so I need to apologize to everyone for saying that because its inappropriate.”


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