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Charlamagne Mocks Tekashi’s Take Down Of TreyWay During DOTD

Any opportunity in which Charlamagne can find a way to mock Tekashi 69 — he does. Even when giving Donkey of the Day to those who invaded Capital Hill on January 6th.

During the segment, Charlamagne played audio and video footage of those who stormed into Capital Hill, as they made it easier for law enforcement to identify those involved. Many of which bragged and snitched on their own selves.

Charlamagne seized the opportunity to drag Tekashi 69 into the conversation. “FBI come on now. The last time ya’ll had it this easy picking people up and identify folks when ya’ll locked up Treway,” Charlamagne said during the Donkey of the Day segment on The Breakfast Club. “With the help of federal informant Daniel Hernandez.”

Charlamagne Mocks Tekashi's Take Down Of TreyWay During DOTD

Back in October of 2020, CthaGod also took a shot at 6ix9ine when the rapper had been hospitalized for over dosing on hyrdroxycut pills. Charmlamagne would go on to give 6ix9ine advice on how to lose weight rather than taking dieting pills.

“By the way he went quite after his album flopped,” Charlamagne said. “I’ll tell 6ix9ine one thing, if he don’t sell no records he’s gonna lose about 600 pounds, cause all of them security guards gon be gone. You ain’t gonna be able to feed them.” (View: Charlamagne Clowns 6ix9ine Weight Loss And Album Sales)

On a side note, since the release of this particular Donkey of the Day, there has been over 82 arrests of those who stormed into Capital Hill and many photos of those still wanted by the FBI has been released to the public.

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