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Charlamagne Clowns 6ix9ine Weight Loss And Album Sales

After being hospitalized for an overdose on a weight loss pill, The Breakfast Club decided to cover their first story on 6ix9ine since his release from prison. With that came Charlamagne’s opportunity to clown the rapper about the overdose and recent album sales.

Earlier in the month, 6ix9ine was rushed to the hospital for overdosing on weight loss pills and caffeine. Speaking with The Shade Room, Tekashi explained the reason behind the overdose. Instead of taking the recommended daily dose of Hydroxycut pills, Tekashi took two pills and a cup of coffee. The result was a higher heart rate as he began to sweat excessively right after.

Charlamagne Clowns 6ix9ine Weight Loss And Album Sales
6ix9ine (Photo by Arik McArthur/Getty Images)

Since his release from prison 6ix9ine has gained weight and was scaled at over 200 pounds. When hearing the news about the weight loss and overdose, Charlamagne seized the opportunity to poke fun at the rapper. “Just leave the country and go get your body done just like all the other chicks,” Charlamagne suggested during the Rumor Report segment. “What’s wrong with you 6ix9ine? You ain’t on probation no more. I guess its cause you can’t travel.”


“By the way he went quite after his album flopped,” Charlamagne added. “I’ll tell 6ix9ine one thing, if he don’t sell no records he’s gonna lose about 600 pounds, cause all of them security guards gon be gone. You ain’t gonna be able to feed them.”

After releasing his first album since coming home from prison, 6ix9ine was projected to sell 150K in his first week with “TattleTales“. Apparently earlier then expected, Billboard implemented their “no-bundles album sales rule” which officially gave 6ix9ine the number four spot on the Billboard 200 chart with 53K album-equivalent units sold.

“If you wanna lose weight face, keep doing what you doing not selling no records. That security is gonna be gone. That’s about 600 pounds immediately lost,” said Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club.


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