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Charlamagne, Chance The Rapper, T.I. Discuss Hip Hop Culture, Tupac And Eminem

Is the code of the culture broken?

Rhythm + Flow, judges Chance The Rapper and T.I., sit with Charlamagne Tha God, as they discuss the hip hop culture.


Premiering on Netflix, Rhythm + Flow features Cardi B, T.I. and Chance The rapper as judges. Looking for the next big hip hop star, Rhythm + Flow is a 10 episode season exclusively on Netflix.

During the sit down interview, Charlamagne asked, “Has the code of the culture been broken, or has it been redefined?” To many hip hop has been lost for years and one of the reasons for it, as T.I. states, ” We allowing the culture to get handled right now.”

When it comes to the word culture, we often hear it being thrown around just about every where. To Chance The Rapper, he despises the word. “I low key hate the word culture yo. I think “culture” just invited everybody else into our shit. I think everybody, like we start talking about culture vultures, and we talking about hip hop as a culture, then it allows for everybody to feel like it’s something that is research base thing. It’s like if I know about the five pillars of hip hop, or I know the albums that came out last summer, I’m fit to decide what is it, or isn’t it. I’m fully apart of the culture now because I know about it,” Chance explains.

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“The code of the culture has been defouled. We haven’t protected it. I think a lot of personal gang has kind of incentives people to turn a blind eye to things could inevitably hurt, harm, or potentially destroy.

This brings up a very interesting statement by Chance The Rapper when he says, “Not everyone can commentate on black culture.” This goes along those lines of what T.I. said about, “we are allowing the culture to be handled.”

“Anybody that’s using it to sell more stuff, or to seem more knowledgeable of cultures outside of their own, they’re exploiting it.” Not to say that one who isn’t from the black culture can’t listen and enjoy hip hop music. “But if you listen to rap and you like rap, coolio,” explains Chance The Rapper.

Charlamagne, Chance The Rapper, T.I. Discuss Hip Hop Culture, Tupac And Eminem

Tupac And Eminem

What better way to decipher the issue on hand, than perhaps the Tupac and Eminem dynamic.

“I listen to Eminem and love Eminem. One of the greatest lyricist know to man, but I can’t really identify with the things that he talking about,” says T.I. “No matter how much I love, appreciate and admire his skill set, I will never really really identify with the feeling that he’s describing in his songs,” says T.I.

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T.I. goes on to compare that same example, with fans of Tupac Shakur who aren’t from the black culture. “I think that’s the same way other guys would feel about Tupac. White guys love Tupac, but as much as they appreciate, admire, his passion and his contribution. They will never know what it’s like. They can never relate completely to he embodies.”


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